The Berlin Stories/The Book of Daniel Double EP on Vinyl

The Berlin Stories/The Book of Daniel comprises two separate concept EPs released as the two sides of a vinyl record.  The Berlin Stories is a 5 song collaboration with Berlin producer duo hoodz- each song is a chapter about a novella about a woman leaving her lover and moving across town to start a new life on the other side of Berlin, set against the evocative and bass heavy soundscapes of hoodz.  While we finally managed to meet in May 2016 whilst on tour, The Berlin Stories was the result of an e-mail correspondence.  Some people send love letters to strangers on the internet- but I send them songs.

The Book of Daniel is a series of songs, largely written while on tour, both for and about my ex-partner, Daniel- started while lying sick in a stranger’s spare bedroom in Berlin, recording demos on my iphone over a beat from France.   This EP includes producers from Mexico City, Portland, OR, southern France, and Montreal.  All the sadness and doubts I had about my relationship with Daniel went into these songs and thus they stand alone.  The next album will be completely different both sonically and thematically.

This is the sixth full-length album from The Sexbots and the first vinyl release.  The Kickstarter campaign that funded it involved handmade panties sold to a man in Germany and “magical objects” that included a stuffed baby Jesus that was presented to Ilima at a show.

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