NEW ALBUM- The Girlfriend Experience

Even before I started writing the album, I knew it was going to be called “The Girlfriend Experience” and that it would deal with the fact that I had become the imaginary girlfriend to hundreds of strangers- and the differences between their perception of me and the reality of me as a girlfriend.  Half of the songs are the hyper-sexual, living manga character that they fantasize about and half of them are about the things that my actual boyfriend has to deal with- my anxiety disorder and my codependent tendencies.  The cover photos are actual “boyfriend pictures”- pictures that I texted to my boyfriend while I was on tour in Germany.  

A week after my friend Devast committed suicide, I started writing this album one night when I started reading about serial killers on Wikipedia and got too scared to sleep.  I started out working in bed with headphones on while whispering into the computer until my son started to kick me in his sleep, at which point I moved to the top of the stairs.  A couple hours later, that track was “Summertime”- a calling out to lost friends, restless feelings, troubled love affairs, and the insomnia that I get every summer.  Three weeks later, the bulk of the album was done.

When I mention relapsing in this album, I am talking about my OCD- which at times focuses on the checking and re-checking of locks; at other times, food anxiety to the point of anorexia, getting overwhelmed and hiding in closets at music video shoots, and of course, overcompensating with a completely fabulous DGAF stage persona.  I’ve also co-opted the the term junk sick to refer to stress vomitting, which is not pretty, but is a real thing.  Music has literally saved my life.

“The Girlfriend Experience” is the fifth full length album from The Sexbots.  All my titles have double meanings.  The term “girlfriend experience” generally refers to paying a prostitute for companionship and not just sex.  As with all my albums, there is a video for every song on YouTube.

 Get The Girlfriend Experience here.

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