This is my first involvement in a Kickstarter campaign and wow- it's kind of intense and validating at the same time.  It takes a lot of balls and now that I'm elbows deep, I have so much respect for people who run successful campaigns.

The village is coming together.  It's actually happening.  It's probably going to take another 100 hours of work on my part to make it happen, but IT IS HAPPENING.

Come with us.  Hear our songs before the rest of the world.  If you want something you don't see, tell me about it.  I've already made some custom rewards.

While all this is going on, all of life- working on call, raising 2 beautiful kids, changing my strategies every few days... thank you to everyone who has joined in already, who is going to answer the call, old friends and future friends.  I didn't get much sleep last night so I am rambling.  

This is our Kickstarter link.  You are amazing.  Thank you.

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