The Berlin Stories/The Book of Daniel Double EP on Vinyl 

The Berlin Stories/The Book of Daniel comprises two separate concept EPs released as the two sides of a vinyl record.  The Berlin Stories is a 5 song collaboration with Berlin producer duo hoodz- each song is a chapter about a novella about a woman leaving her lover and moving across town to start a new life on the other side of Berlin, set against the evocative and bass heavy soundscapes of hoodz.  While we finally managed to meet in May 2016 whilst on tour, The Berlin Stories was the result of an e-mail…

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NEW ALBUM- The Girlfriend Experience 

Even before I started writing the album, I knew it was going to be called “The Girlfriend Experience” and that it would deal with the fact that I had become the imaginary girlfriend to hundreds of strangers- and the differences between their perception of me and the reality of me as a girlfriend.  Half of the songs are the hyper-sexual, living manga character that they fantasize about and half of them are about the things that my actual boyfriend has to deal with- my anxiety disorder and my codependent…

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On old videos 

Love Hotel Video Cycle

Once again, I decided to make videos for each song on my album so you can watch the whole thing on youtube.  This time, instead of an album playlist, I put together a compilation video complete with bonus scenes, mostly me messing up and swearing.


click here for the videos for Don't Stop

Without further ado... if you have 40 minutes to blow, and and are not at work, um, this is a little NSFW... otherwise keep scrolling down for the blow by blow and individual videos from the album…

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Berlin- album released 

Surprise release on April 27, 2015!


After Bandcamp accidentally sent out notifications about our new album, Berlin, we decided to go ahead and release it the morning of April 27, 2015.  We were still recovering from filming 11 videos during a 16 hour day, then editing them all within a week and a half.  That's an entire album that you can watch on YouTube!  Start here to get on the playlist- 

This is the last song on the album, featuring guest rapper DMLH doing some absolutely unspeakable things to a…

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Trust Games 

Trust Games is the seventh release by Portland avant posters The Sexbots. Awash in nostalgia, they cover 5 eighties classics with a delivery that is part BBC, part fetish dungeon. You've never heard these songs quite this way before.

Trust Games was quietly released on Christmas Day- Dec. 25, 2014 and has been wreaking havoc ever since.  

Who do ya trust, baby?

Download all five songs or pre-order the limited edition CD- only 50 numbered copies here

Girlfriend Contest 

Ilima wants to be your girlfriend. This is a sharing contest with ME as your prize!  I know, right?!?! I will change my relationship status to be in a relationship with you from Nov. 21-Dec. 5, make a piece of art documenting our love, tell everyone we met at Starbucks and say that we broke up because "you were too good for me." For all you married/attached/asexual types, I will give you a 6-month subscription to my Patreon zine and full Patreon access(yup, pictures that no one else is allowed to see… Read more

Songs for Jamil 

The startling and hypnotic Songs for Jamil was recorded while blind drunk in my living room-listen here.  Released September 14, 2014.

Photographs and guest modeling by Micah Goldstein.  In my bedroom.


This is my first involvement in a Kickstarter campaign and wow- it's kind of intense and validating at the same time.  It takes a lot of balls and now that I'm elbows deep, I have so much respect for people who run successful campaigns.

The village is coming together.  It's actually happening.  It's probably going to take another 100 hours of work on my part to make it happen, but IT IS HAPPENING.

Come with us.  Hear our songs before the rest of the world.  If you want something you don't see, tell me about…

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Hear our new album EARLY! 

The new album is crazy intense.  We intend to bring this to the world and we need your help putting it out.  We are extremely grateful for your support and have Kickstarter rewards including:

-brunch at Bar Carlo

-massage by Ali Baron

-T-shirts and guest list

-bad advice from an Asian Mom

-DJ Ceez and Ilima bringing you the ultimate party

It is good stuff.  You want it!  You will also get to hear our new album at the same time that press does- 2 months before it is released to the public.  !!!!!  We love…

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