Ilima Considine

Ilima Considine is a trans-disciplinary artist known for her quirky and provocative music videos, her neoclassical soundtracks, and fronting the experimental electronica project The Sexbots.  She is a single mother with 2 children living in Portland, OR.  Her rigorous aesthetic turns an unflinching eye at female sexuality and the emotional inner world.   She first appeared in the experimental pop band Childhood Friends.  She writes neoclassical string arrangements for soundtracks and modern dance companies and is available for session work on violin and cello

2013 Career Opportunity Grant, Oregon Arts Commission
2012 Career Development Grant, Regional Arts and Culture Council
2011 Career Development Grant for live performance of soundtracks,Regional Arts and Culture Council

2015 Berlin, The Sexbots
2014 Trust Games, The Sexbots
2014 Songs for Jamil, The Sexbots
2013 Junk Sick, The Sexbots
2012 Love Hotel, The Sexbots
2011 Don't Stop, The Sexbots
2011 Deadication, Abadawn, guest vocals
2010 Eee Pee, The Sexbots
2010 Separated by Commas, Dead Air Fresheners
2010 Uh Oh Dear, Ilima Considine solo album
2010 English Kills Padre Pio, violin and vocals(produced by Joe McGinty, ex- Psychedelic Furs)
2009 Previews, Stella Grace
2009 Tiger House Tiger House, guest violin and keys
2008 StumpClub compilation(as Childhood Friends)
2008 Key Party, Childhood Friends
2007 Failing Records compilation(as Childhood Friends)
2007 Synesthesia, Enchanted 4ST, re-released as Childhood Friends
2007 Scars, Childhood Friends
2006 Everything is About to Change, Childhood Friends

I have written custom neoclassical soundtracks for Jeff Scott Taylor’s feature-length “1158”, Ransom Pictures, and choreographer Keyon Gaskin(PDX Dance Collective founding member).

I have performed shows Los Angeles to New York to Los Angeles to Tokyo, but not everywhere in between.  I have opened for bands including Pigeon John, Del tha Funky Homo Sapien, Old Time Religion and Ex-Girl; I opened for the world premiere of the Day of the Zombie rock opera(as featured in Spin magazine), and performed at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, Fuck Death Festival, Burnout 2010-2013, and Fire in the Canyon 2011.

My back-up dancers have included Delaney and Paris, members of Polaris, PDX Dance Collective(the entire troupe), Bridgetown Revue, Kazum, Wanderlust Circus, and Dreame Scape. In 2013, The Sexbots were commissioned to do a custom set for the going away party of Portland's Mayor Sam Adams.

Film, etc.
2012 "Sweet Ride", Filmed by Bike 2012
2011 "Crash", featured filmmaker, Filmed by Bike 2011
2011 soundtrack, "1158"(feature film dir. by Jeff Scott Taylor)
2011 Electrogals Festival, 2 music videos (commissioned 2 videos)
2010 Tillamook Ice Cream Commercial (on prime time)
2010 soundtrack, "Bad Valentine"(short by Ransom Pictures)
2005 "Damaged Goods" (feature dir. by David Walker)
Performance/Installation art includes:
2013 "Magical Forest with Nymphs", installation for Cascade Aids Project auction, Portland, OR
2012 "Please do not touch the dolls..." Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR
2005 "Mermaid Wishes" Gallery 500, Portland, OR
2005 "False Memory Kiss"; performance/installation at Pepper Gallery, Portland, OR
2012 "God Bless Portland", Hip Mama Issue #52 


Visual Art
I moved to Portland in 2000 with the intention of being a painter.  From 2001-2005, I had solo shows at defunct art spaces including Pepper Gallery and Regenerate.  I participated in SE Portland Open studios.  At first, I was known for my stylized nudes, but at the end of this period, I began to paint portraits and abstracts that I embroidered with hundreds of glass seed beads, buttons, junk beads, and polyester thread.  This period of intense painting ended when I started my first band, Childhood Friends.

The Sexbots

The Sexbots is an international collaboration between Ilima Considine and independent producers to create magical art pop.

With Ilima functioning as a combination art director and mad scientist, she layers her unearthly voice on top of a carefully curated selection of electronic soundscapes from around the world.  The live show is an intense performance art experience, often with backup dancers that have included members of Kazum, Wanderlust Circus, Bridgetown Revue, Polaris, Imago, as well as burlesque artists, fire dancers, and once- PDX Dance Collective in its entirety.  In addition, Ilima directs and edits a music video for each song released.

Collaborators include/have included G-Space, DJ Ceez, Spit Stix(of FEAR), Stereospread, Air Fortress, Jim Meyer, Natural 20, Shermstixx, Qmulus, Tankeo, Asurms Music, Nick Rogers, and Elena Leona with guest rappers including Some of the Truest and DMLH.