The Sexbots


The Childhood Friends comp is finally available.  Thank you to Anya Bogorad for helping with graphic design.


Ilima Considine holding Childhood Friends compilation

Also, personalized Polaroids are for sale.  Just like performing onstage has more immediacy and tension than practicing at home, taking Polaroids has a certain something that regular picture-taking doesn't.  Plus these are one of a kind.  Bedroom-themed Polaroids with a personal note from me.

These will be whatever I feel like taking a picture of, but something personal, with a little skin.  It's possible for you to make costume requests, but please don't send me any e-mails you don't want my children to see.  Also, be sure to tell me how you want me to sign it, i.e., "To Bob, thank you for last night!  Heart Ilima"