The Sexbots


We're gearing up for a humongous show at Someday Lounge.  The theme for the show is Friends and Lovers of The Sexbots- basically, people I have collaborated with over the last few years in different mediums.

Musical lineup:

The Sexbots

Park Friends(I play violin for them)


Start Fires(DMLH and Shermstixx)

Spit Stix in his brand new band with Carolyn Chaparro + dance troupe

DJ Ceez

Performance artists & dancers:

PDX Dance Collective

Dreame Scape (brand new circus troupe feat. Ari Steinberg-Lake)


We are showing "Crash", our submission to Filmed by Bike.  Ever fantasized about having a threesome with your favorite bike mechanics?  Or like making your friends crash their bikes into trees, cars, and telephone poles?  This is the perviest 5-minute bicycle film you've seen in awhile. 

"1158"- we will be showing a 15-minute exerpt of Jeff Scott Taylor's art-house zombie feature, with live soundtrack.  Art-house zombie movie?  Are we in Portland or what?


I can't help it, I like to dress up and wear makeup.  We'll be having a quick fashion show featuring work by VAL, Malia Considine, and Gwynn Marlow.

I'm going to need help flyering and stuff, so if you've got time to keep a girl company while she staples things to telephone poles, please let me know.  Also, if you work somewhere with good rates on color printing and you're dying to see me in my civilian clothes, give girlfriend a holler.