The Sexbots


I think this is my first appearance on youtube. It was the first time my parents saw my ex-husband, and collaborator of 3 years perform. You can see me with a bun in my hair and a striped shirt(that actually belonged to Jake) popping up in the front of the audience from time to time. My father filmed this.


This was originally an Enchanted 4ST song.  After the implosion of that band, I took over guitar solos on the violin and alternately played bass.  We re-released "Synesthesia" as a Childhood Friends album after combining the two bands.

I directed and filmed this video. The supermarket is Zupan's at 33rd and Belmont. Jake was incredibly jealous and furious during the editing of the bathtub scene.

Album release for "Synesthesia" at Acme, now called Plan B. I'm rather tipsy, but yes, that is my normal speaking voice. I'm at the fattest point of my adult life(131 pounds) while on the antidepressant Lexapro.

Playing the Experimental Music Festival. This is one of the first live performances of Mrs. Jack. Maybe the first. The song is rather obviously about Jake and I'm incredibly sick with... morning sickness. I'm about 4 weeks pregnant with Leon. My pants fit when I'm standing up but when I sit down I have to unfasten them under my T-shirt. I don't announce my pregnancy because our friends in the Dead Air Fresheners are trying, and though we don't know it at the time, Lennon McAdams is attending his first Childhood Friends performance in utero.

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Four months pregnant and on tour in Chico. It looks like I've got a beer gut. I'm not comfortable admitting my pregnancy at this point and tell no one.

Anyway, I have a baby, divorce shortly afterward, and end up fronting this band called Stella Grace for a bit. I miss playing an instrument so I start doing violin for Padre Pio. I get booked into two shows in one night so we end up making this mini-documentary.

Here is some footage from the same night performing a song about my crush of the time, who wouldn't even acknowledge me that night.

Um, so anyway! Stella Grace is now The Sexbots. Long story. Jim from Padre Pio had said that he was interested in working together. He gave me an instrumental, I modified a poem I'd written about an incident with my old guitarist, Regina Cherene, and made a video.

This video was linked to an article on a Chinese language news site about sex toys and we got 4,000 views one day. Yikes! Anyway, after a dare from Ex-Girlfriends Club, we re-created this video at Plan B. Where is one of the earlier videos took place.